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Weapon - Bombs - CB-470 Cluster Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Length: 2.6 m
Width: 0.64 m, 2.1 ft
Diameter: 41.9 cm, 16.5 ft
Weight: 450 kg, 992 lb
Explosives: 1.4 kg (3.1 lb) RDX / TNT

CB-470 Cluster Bomb

Status: Out of service
Category: Bombs

Intended for low-level attacks by high-speed combat aircraft against soft and semi-soft targets, such as troops, buildings, radar installations and vehicles. Once released, it ejects 40 6.3 kg spherical bomblets which bounce on impact to a height of between 1 and 6 meters (depending on surface) before detonating. The CB-470 container has been specifically designed to combine release at extremely low levels with carefully controlled bomblet dispersal. 

The typical footprint of a single CB-470 released at 1000 km/h from 30m over level ground is 250m long by 70m wide. The bomb can be dropped in level flight at speeds between 700 and 1000 km/h and from heights between 30m and 300m.

The bomblets are fused by correct functioning of the ejection system, their charge only becoming active at speeds over 400 km/h and after two independent sensors have been extracted.

Used on:


Cluster bomb carried under a Cheetah aircraft.