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26 July 2016
New VVIP aircraft acquisition still shrouded in silence
Efforts by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to obtain detailed information on the maintenance and servicing costs of the Presidential BBJ have been put on hold due to the upcoming local government elections but the issue will again be taken up when Parliament Read More...
20 July 2016
SAAF jets fly almost 140 hours during air-to-air camp at AFB Overberg
The jets making up the sharp point of the SAAF recently stretched their wings, as it were, and at least 11 of them logged over 138 hours during an air-to-air training camp at AFB Overberg. Read More...
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Welcome to my privately run, unofficial website on the South African Air Force. It is maintained by myself during my (limited) spare time so please read the Terms of Use. I hope you enjoy the experience and visit again soon. All suggestions are welcome, as are old uniforms, squadron badges, patches, memorabilia, books, etc. - Dean Wingrin
Tumult in the Clouds
New SAAF book launched!

A new book on the personal history of the SAAF has been launched. Titled "Tumult in the Clouds - Stories from the South African Air Force, 1920 - 2010", the book has been compiled by Dean Wingrin who personally interviewed and corresponded with nearly all the contributors.

The South African Air Force (SAAF), formed on 1 February 1920, is the second oldest air force in the Commonwealth. The air arm played a major role in securing victory for the Allies during the Second World War, in the 1948/49 Berlin Airlift, and in Korea in the 1950s. The SAAF assisted Rhodesia in the 1960s and ’70s, made a major contribution to the ‘Border’ or ‘Bush’ war in South West Africa and Angola, participated in the transition to a new democracy in South Africa and continuously supports South African peace missions in Africa. It has also assisted in countless relief and rescue missions in southern Africa throughout this entire period.

However, the SAAF is not just about aircraft and ordnance; it is made up of people and it is in this compilation that these people, airmen and ground crew alike, find their voice. These are their stories, all told in the first person by the actual participants as unvarnished, unabbreviated and intensely immediate and personal recollections.

Through their stories of heroism, duty, adventure and tragedy, the reader will follow the history of the SAAF prior to 1939 to the present day.

To complement the stories, the final chapter includes a collection of squadron pub songs from the Second World War, Korea and the Border War.

The highly successful formal launch took place at the SAAF Museum Flying Training Day, Zwartkop airfield, on Saturday 2 February 2013. Lt Gen Denis Earp, who wrote the Foreword, was guest of honour, together with Maj Gen Tsoku Khumalo and Lt Col Mike O'Conner.

Purchase your copy now fromThe Airforce Shop and other fine bookshops.
Your Best Pictures are Needed
Thu 28th Jul 2016, 16:44 pm
By: John | Forum: General Chatter

Weapons, ammo stolen from Simon's Town naval base
Wed 27th Jul 2016, 15:50 pm
By: Plane crazy | Forum: Navy and maritime

Korean War - Ceasefire today, 1953
Wed 27th Jul 2016, 10:20 am
By: H1017412 | Forum: The SAAF!

SA Navy Flag
Wed 27th Jul 2016, 09:48 am
By: Ferdie | Forum: Navy and maritime

Wed 27th Jul 2016, 07:30 am
By: GAU-8A | Forum: Other aviation discussions

Noon gun
Tue 26th Jul 2016, 21:02 pm
By: Martiens | Forum: Navy and maritime

Puma: SAAF 21st birthday video?
Tue 26th Jul 2016, 11:49 am
By: Dean | Forum: The SAAF!

Fire retardant drop: viewed from underneath
Tue 26th Jul 2016, 04:53 am
By: H1017412 | Forum: Other aviation discussions

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Lockheed Lodestar 234 (Photo: Fritz Johl)