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The South African Air Force Association (SAAFA), through the participation of its members:
  • Maintains and fosters friendship and camaraderie among all its members and persons eligible for membership;
  • Provides support for, and takes care of, the general well being of needy members;
  • Perpetuates the memory of, and commemorates, those who have given their lives in the service of their country; and
  • Promotes the interests, image and history of the South African Air Force Association, the South African Air Force and the members of both of these organisations.
The beginning

Colonel Rod Douglas, a veteran pilot from the 1914/18 Great War, started the Christmas Cheer Fund in 1943, while serving as a senior staff officer at SAAF Headquarters. This fund ensured that all SAAF squadrons and units serving outside the borders of South Africa were treated to a sumptious lunch or dinner on Christmas Day. Generous donations to this cause were received from SAAF units remaining in South Africa.

Colonel Douglas had experienced the plight of the widows, children and demobilised airmen in the aftermath of World War One. He wanted to ensure that this would not happen again when World War Two hostilities ceased. To this end, he gathered a group of like-minded airmen and set about creating the South African Air Force Association (SAAFA). Today Colonel Rod Douglas is acknowledged as the founder of the South African Air Force Association and the man who served as the first SAAFA National President and guided the association during its formative years.
Contact details

National Office:
The National Secretary
PO Box 21223
Telephone/fax: +27 (0)12 651 5921
Website: www.saafa.co.za

The SAAF/SAAFA Liason Officer:
Brig Gen DE Page
Air Command
Private Bag X199
Telephone: +27 (0)12 312 1101
Fax: +27 (0)12 312 1092

An initial meeting was held in Johannesburg on 11 December 1944. As many distinguished airmen were present, there was a wide selection of persons from which committee members could be chosen. A draft constitution was discussed and approved. Principles, objectives and projects were tabled and discussed. The first official SAAFA meeting was held at the Inanda Country Club on 26 January 1945. This date is recognised as the founding date of the Association.

Today the South African Air Force Association continues its tradition of supporting former Air Force members who have become aged and needy; perpetuating the memory of SAAF men and women killed in the line of duty; fostering Air Force comaraderie, preserving the Air Force's heritage and promoting dynamic interaction between the Air Force and SAAFA.