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This SAAF Alumni database is free. All members have access to an enhanced search facility and reunion calendar! Find your long lost buddy, the one you said you would always stay in touch with, but lost track of after the transfer or when you retired.

Make sure you've created your profile and then please help Spread The Word by emailing our URL ( to other SAAF alumni.The more in the Alumni database, the more friends and mates we'll all be able to reach out and, er, touch. Our goal is to have as many people from the SAAF, both past and current, registered online.

Just follow the prompts, give us as much or as little information as you wish. You may log on at any time to update your profile, from changing an email address to adding more info and memories to your personal page.

If you have questions about this feature, you can direct them to me. You will not receive SPAM from this directory, although we may e-mail you from time to time. We will not sell or otherwise give out information that you provide to us without your permission first. Promise!


Dean Wingrin

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