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Role: Training
Status: Current
Based at: Valhalla

Fire Training School

About this Squadron

The SANDF Fire Training School is a provider of Fire Fighting and Rescue training in the SANDF.

At the beginning of 1979, training was centralized and upgraded according in line with South African and International fire services. Fire training was later moved to AFS Voortrekkerhoogte

Because of various logistical problems, it was decided to investigate the possibility for the transfer of training to a unit with adequate facilities for the development of fire training. Central Flying School Dunnotar was identified as such a unit and training was transferred to CFS Dunnatar in 1986 under the name SAAF Fire Training School.

With the closure of CFS Dunnatar in 1991, the Fire training school and its personnel were moved to the AF Gymnasium. In October 1995 the SAAF Log council officially changed the SAAF Fire Training School's name to the SANDF Fire Training School.

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