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Top Scoring Fighter Pilots From South Africa

Please note: The Webmaster did not compile or research the information listed hereunder. It is, however, pretty accurate. Any disbelievers are welcome to contact Steven McLean who will be more than willing to sort things out!

Serving in the RFC and RAF in World War One

AW Beuachamp-Proctor, VC, DSO, MC and Bar, DFC 41
WL Jordaan DSC, DFC 39
SM Kinkead DSO, DSC and Bar 30
TS Harrison CDG, DFC 22
CJ Venter CB, DFC and Bar 22
DJ Bell MC 20
CG Ross, CDG DFC 20
WA Southey DFC 20
HD Barton DFC 19
AE Reed DFC 19
HWL Saunders GCB, KBE, MC, DFC and Bar, MM 19
ET Hayne DFC, DSC 15
SR Whiting DSO 13
AG Kiddie, DFC 11
EO Amm DFC, CDG (2) 10
CR Pithey DFC 10
HB Redler MC 10
JR Tudhope MC 10
BH Moody 9
TM Williams DFC, MC 9
GF Anderson DFC 8
H Daniel CBE, MC, AFC 8
AS Hemming DFC 8
IF Hind 8
GL Lloyd MC 8
H Meintjies MC 8
WJB Nel 7
LH Slatter DSC, DFC 7
JP Findlay 6
GEB Lawson DFC 6
CR Thompson DFC 6
PM Tudhope DFC 6
WG Westwood 6
DC Armstrong DFC 5
RN Hall 5
G Pilditch MC 5
NR Smuts DFC 5
IO Stead 5
HA van Reyneveld KBE, CB, DSO, MC 5

The SAAF in World War Two

JE Frost (John) DFC and Bar 15
MS Osler (Benny) DFC and Bar 12
CA Van Vliet (Kees) DFC 12
KW Driver (Ken) DFC 12
AC Bosman (Andy) DSO, DFC 10.5
RH (Bob) Talbot 10
SvB Theron (Servaas) SM, DSO, DFC, AFC 10
DW (Doug) Golding DFC 9
EC Saville (Eric) DFC and Bar 8
DVD Lacey (Dennis)DFC 6
GJ Le Mesurier (Lemmie) DFC 6
R Pare (Robin) DFC 6
LRS Waugh (Laurie) DFC 6
BJL Boyle (John) SM, DFC 5.5
A Duncan (Dunk) DFC 5.5
JM Faure (Faure) DSO, DFC and Bar 5.5
JH Gaynor (John) DFC 5.5
McC ES Robinson (Mac) DFC 5.5
AJ Botha (Boet) 5
LC Botha (Louis) DFC 5
RJP Collingwood (Moon) DFC 5
JL Hewitson (John) DFC 5
JDW Human (John) DSO, DFC and Bar 5
VML Lindsay (Vernon) DFC 5
PCR Metelerkamp (Pete) 5

Possibles (not verified)

DH Loftus DSO, DFC 9.33
HF Smith 6.33
RC Hojem 5

The RAF and RCAF in World War Two

MT St J Pattle (Tom) DFC and Bar 41
AG Malan (Sailor) DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar 35
JJ Le Roux (Chris) DFC and two Bars 23.5
PH Hugo (Dutch) DSO, DFC and two Bars 22
AG Lewis DFC and Bar 18
CR Davis (Carl) DFC 10.5
EJ Morris (Ted) DSO 10
HP Lardner-Burke (Henry) DFC and Bar 8.5
TY Wallace (Tom) DFM 8
B Van Metz (Brian) DFC 7.5
AC Rabagliati (Alex) DFC and Bar 7
BG Stapleton (Hugh) DFC 6.5
H Starret (Harry) 6.5
JRA Bailey (Jim) DFC 6
MCH Barber (Maurice) DFC 5
DG Morris (Zulu) KCB, CBE, DSO, DFC 5

Possibles (not verified)

CP Green DSO, DFC 14
SR Whiting DSO 13
CB Hull DFC 10
GDL Haysom DSO, DFC 6

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