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More Than Game

Author: Herman Potgieter

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ISBN: 0-620-19213-5

Reviewed By: Phil Cater

Alongside Ron Bellings A Potrait of Military Aviation in South Africa,  Herman Potgieter's masterwork photographic study of the contemporary SAAF counts for me as not just another modellers reference book.  It's more than that, it's inspirational, this was the book which got me started on my 'modeling the entire SAAF' project.  The photos range from stunning detail such as the Cheetah D closeup on the flypage - great stuff for the detail - to more artistic shots of dramatic lightning bolts above a Turbo Dak, or a Cheetah D silhouetted against a towering cumulus. Perhaps also in this category of 'artistic' photo is a special treat  - the 50 Harvards formation retirement flypast.  With such shots, More Than Game becomes elevated from a very useful reference work, to more of a classy 'coffee table' book, but whatever you do, don't spill your drink on this one....
While the book is contemporary rather than attempting a complete SAAF history, the range of subjects is broad, covering types owned and flown by the SAAF Museum, to those retired some time ago, such as the Sabre, to current equipment such as the Cheetah C.  Many aircraft are captured in dramatic poses, for example the DC-4 at a most unusual attitude for such an apparently sedate and elderly transport(!), or Mirage F1AZs displaying their warloads, or the Atlas Ace entering an inverted loop.  A number of types, for example the B707, Dauphin, and Hercules in 75th Anniversary colours, are just about unique to this book - for decent shots anyway. Others, such as the Atlas Ace and S-55, are sometimes seen elsewhere.  But if they are, it's more than likely to be another still from Potgieters portfolio. 
With his talent with the lens, Herman Potgieter was a fine ambassador for the SAAF, now sadly missed, but leaving this as his finest work amongst his own books, alongside his many contributions to magazines and journals. 
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