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South African Colours and Markings (No 4)

No 4: F-86 Sabre in Korea, SAAF Aircraft in US colours Part 2, G5 and G6 artillery systems

Author: W Marshall, P van Schalkwyk, S Bouwer

ISBN: 0-620-27418-2

Reviewed By: Dean Wingrin

The series, of which this is the fourth issue, contains articles on the colours and markings of aircraft, vehicles, equipment and uniforms used by South African units. The accent is on, well, colours and markings and not on statistics, but nevertheless much useful information is contained within the text.  

I raved about the first three issues (reviewed here), and I've certainly not been disappointed by the fourth. Following the same layout as  previously, the authors have noted that they have received requests to print the aircraft articles, and the armour and uniform articles in separate books as potential readers feel that they did not want to pay for something which they will never use. The answer to this question is unfortunately that of economics. Due to the high costs of printing these publications, only by the authors pooling their resources are they able to afford the publication costs.

Highlight for the aviation historian is the article on the F-86F-30 Sabre as used by 2 Squadron in Korea. Although flown by 2 Squadron, SAAF, from January 1953 to October 1953, and received SAAF serials, the aircraft were owned by the USAF and were returned to them when 2 Squadron left Korea. Thus, none of the aircraft were in South Africa. For the first time, a photograph of all twenty-two Sabres is available in one publication. These are complimented by colour profiles and drawings. 

The aviation content is backed up the second and final article by Stefaan Bouwer on SAAF aircraft in American derived colours. This issue covers the P-40 Tomahawk and Kittyhawk, P-51 Mustang, Marauder and B-24 Liberator. After detail analysis, the conclusion is that if anybody wants to give an opinion on a colour scheme, you have to work from a photograph of that particular aircraft! 

Further (separate) articles detail the history of the G5 towed and G6 self-propelled artillery systems, including camouflage and markings in South African and foreign service. The final article details the uniforms worn by the various Boer corps manned by foreigners.

This issue is a must if you're into modeling or historical research.

300 x 210 mm, 48pp, colour & b/w photos,  drawings, colour charts

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