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NEW BOOK form ITALY "Italian Flight equipment "
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Author:  pante63 [ 11 Feb 2021, 19:37 ]
Post subject:  NEW BOOK form ITALY "Italian Flight equipment "

Equipaggiamenti da volo italiani del dopoguerra
Post WWII Flying Equipment in Italian Service

A complete guide to the Italian Armed Forces and State Corps flying equipment, from 1946 up today. An unpublished and in-depth work that deals for the first time with an often disregarded subject, and that will be for sure interesting for all the enthusiasts and collectors.
This book provides a very in-depth overview on the flying equipment used by the Italian air arms and State corps in the post-WWII era up today. Most of the information included are published for the first time, and concern flight helmets, oxygen masks, flying suits, anti-g pants, parachutes, life jackets, boots, gloves, glasses, watches, and more. More than 700 images form the iconographic part, offering a complete coverage on this subject, which so often has been disregarded. Many photos show not only objects and equipment, but also their details, such as labels, logos, zips, buttons, etc. providing an excellent reference for all the collectors. The book has been realized by Claudio Canton, a well known collector and expert.
240 pages, hard cover, text in Italian and English, more than 700 colour and black/white photo

RN Publishing S.a.s.
Via Torelli 31
28100 Novara Italy
Tel. & Fax. +39-0321-455108

Author:  Dean [ 12 Feb 2021, 07:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW BOOK form ITALY "Italian Flight equipment "

Hi Claudio

Welcome to the SAAF Forum, nice to see you here.

With the demise of the Yahoo Flying Clothing list, I've migrated to Scotts forum. Pity it's not very active.

Author:  pante63 [ 12 Feb 2021, 12:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW BOOK form ITALY "Italian Flight equipment "

Hi thanks
I'm happy to be here I love everything about the SAAF
when Your book about SAAF Equipment be published ?

right now i prefer facebook

Author:  Dean [ 13 Feb 2021, 15:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW BOOK form ITALY "Italian Flight equipment "

He he, all in good time my friend. :wink:

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