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Weapon - Bombs - Umbani

Weapon Stats:

Range: 120 km,
None specified


Status: In Development
Category: Bombs

Umbani is a low-cost, high-performance bomb kit that offers a long stand-off range on a number of aircraft. The modular kit can be used with the 120 kg MK81, 250 kg MK82 or 500 kg MK83 bomb, and can be adapted to suit a range of missions and targets.

Umbani is a strap-on bomb kit, used on MK81, MK82 and MK83 bombs. Umbani gives the user all-weather, day or night operational capabilities, by making use of GPS/INS guidance. Increased targeting accuracy can be achieved by using an Imaging Infrared (IIR) with complete Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) capability, or a semi-active laser seeker. The system can also be fitted with an RF proximity fuze for area targeting, using a prefragmented warhead.

Wing kit or motors may be added to increase stand-off range and low-level (straight and level) launch capability.

Programmable attack angle up to 90o (straight from above).