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Weapon - Bombs - Mk 84 2000 lb Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Length: 3.89 m, 12.75 ft
Diameter: 45.7 cm, 1.5 ft
Weight: 894 kg, 1,970 lb
Explosives: 429kg HE
None specified

Mk 84 2000 lb Bomb

Status: Current
Category: Bombs

The Mk84 (880kg) is a member of the Mk 80 low-drag general purpose series of bombs designed in the US during the 1950's and now produced worldwide. A full range of nose and tail fuses can be supplied in accordance with specific requirements. The Mk84 bomb is effective against medium to large buildings, storage tanks and warehouses.

The body is constructed from glass fibre.


880kg Mk84 inert/telemetry bomb. 880kg Mk84 inert/telemetry bomb.