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Weapon - Other - ELT-555 (ACS) Electonic Warfare Pod

Weapon Stats:

Length: 3 m, 9.84 ft
Diameter: 34 cm, 0.11 ft
Mirage F1CZ

ELT-555 (ACS) Electonic Warfare Pod

Status: Out of service
Category: Other
The ACS electronic warfare pod, thought to be the Italian Elettronica SpA ELT-555 Airborne Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and radar jamming system, were used in the electronic warfare role (Jamming/Self-Protection) on the Mirage F1, Buccaneer and Impala. They were also refered to as "Bikini".

The ELT/555 is a self-contained self protection ECM pod for supersonic fighter aircraft. Electrical power generation is ensured by a ram-air turbine located on the nose of the pod. Internal equipment include fore and aft facing antennas which receive pulsed and continuous wave signals and transmit pulsed responses, plus separate fore and aft facing continuous wave transmitter antennas on the undersurface. The system operates in H- to J-band (6 to 20 GHz) and is designed to operate in dense electromagnetic environments. It has multiple target contrast capability and features BITE.


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