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Weapon - Bombs - 250 kg Fragmentation Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Explosives: RDX / TNT
Cheetah C, Cheetah D

250 kg Fragmentation Bomb

Status: Current
Category: Bombs

Designed for targets such as unarmoured vehicles, buildings and parked aircraft, this low-drag shrapnel bomb has a layer of 19 000 x 8.75 mm hardened steel balls cast in epoxy between the outer fibreglass skin and the explosive core. Different ball sizes are available for use against different targets. Both a proximity fuse which ensures air burst, and an impact fuse with a delay or non-delay element are available, the latter for use against structures and for cratering.

The bomb can be released at IAS between 150 and 600 knots, a g-loading of between -1.5 and +4g, dive angles between -60 and +45 and a maximum altitude of 12 200m (40000 ft).