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Weapon - Recce/Targeting - Vicon 18-601E

Weapon Stats:

Cheetah C, Hawk Mk 120

Vicon 18-601E

Status: Out of service
Category: Recce/Targeting

The SAAF used the Vinten Vicon 18 Series 601E wet-film electro-optical reconnaissance pod on the Cheetah and the pod has also been cleared for use on the Hawk.

The pod provides low altitude tracking and stand-off photography as well as medium and high, long range oblique and vertical photography.

The pod was replaced on the Gripen with the Thales Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod (DJRP).


Vinten recce pod on Cheetah C. Vinten recce pod on Cheetah C. Cheetah C of 2 Squadron, Tactical Recce Flight, equiped with Vicon 18-601E Recce Pod.