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Weapon - Bombs - Mk20 Rockeye (Tiekie)

Weapon Stats:

Length: 2.26 m, 7.41 ft
Width: 0.89 m, 2.92 ft
Diameter: 33 cm, 13 ft
Weight: 222 kg, 489 lb
Explosives: 408kg (900 lb)
Contents: 247 MK-118 of 0.45kg (1 lbs) each
Mirage F1AZ

Mk20 Rockeye (Tiekie)

Status: Out of service
Category: Bombs

Also known in South Africa as the Tiekie, the Mk-20 Rockeye is a free-fall, unguided cluster weapon designed to kill tanks and armored vehicles.

The system consists of a clamshell dispenser, a mechanical MK-339 timed fuze, and 247 dual-purpose
armor-piercing shaped-charge bomblets. The bomblet weighs 1.32 pounds and has a 0.4-pound shapedcharge warhead of high explosives, which produces up to 250,000 psi at the point of impact, allowing penetration of approximately 7.5 inches of armor.

Rockeye is most efficiently used against area targets requiring penetration to kill.

Lethal Radius = 450ft
Armour = 190mm


Mk20 Rockeys dropping from a Mirage F1AZ.