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Weapon - Missiles - Condib

Weapon Stats:

Length: 1.58 m, 5.18 ft
Diameter: 18.0 cm, 7.09 ft
Weight: 70 kg, 154.3 lb
Explosives: 43kg (94.8 lb)
None specified


Status: Out of service
Category: Missiles

Concrete/Runway Penetrating Un-Guided Retarded Bomb

This anti-runway bomb is hung under the launch aircraft's wing and typically released from an altitude of 300 ft.  A couple of seconds later, the tail section separates allowing the deployment of the retard parachute, once opened this breaks the Condib's decent, steering it at a 60deg angle, with its nose pointed towards the ground. At that precise moment, a rocket which is attached to it, propels the bomb's warhead into its target (e.g. runway), penetrating and piercing through its concrete layer. After a 6 second delay, the warhead is detonated, creating a 5 m wide by 1.6 m deep hole in the runway, preventing its operational status.