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Weapon - Air-to-Air - V3S Snake (Rafael Python 3)

Weapon Stats:

Speed: Mach 3.5
Range: 0.5-15 km, 0.3-9.3 miles
Length: 3.00 m, 9.84 ft
Diameter: 16 cm, 6.30 ft
Weight: 120 kg, 265 lb
Explosives: 11 kg (24.25 lb) Tungsten cube
Propulsion: Double base solid-propellant rocket
Cheetah C, Cheetah D

V3S Snake (Rafael Python 3)

Status: Out of service
Category: Air-to-Air

As a result of the ineffectiveness of the V3B missile and delays in service entry of the new V3C,  the SAAF acquired an off-the-shelf short-range AAM missile which was taken into service on the Mirage F1CZ from 1989. As such, the V3S was always intended as an interim weapon. The arrival of the V3C was just too late to participate in the Border War.

It has been rumoured that the V3S is in fact the Israeli Python 3, a third-generation short to medium range air-to-air missile, which has been photographed mounted on the Mirage F-1 as well as the Cheetah C.

The V3S was retired, along with the Cheetah, in April 2008.