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Weapon - Air-to-Air - V3A Kukri

Weapon Stats:

Range: 4 km, 2.5 miles
Length: 2.95 m, 9.68 ft
Diameter: 12.7 cm, 5 ft
Weight: 73.4 kg, 162 lb
Explosives: 12 kg (26,5 lb) fragmentation

V3A Kukri

Status: Out of service
Category: Air-to-Air
In 1969, the SAAF indicated that they had a requirement for a more manoeverable missile than the AIM-9B (V2) Sidewinder.

The V3A was South Africa's first locally developed short-range infra-red dogfight air-to-air missile to enter service and was proberly based on the R.550 Magic. Development commenced from1971. The first successful interceptions by the Kentron V3A were reported in 1972 and it entered production in 1973 and a total of 20 missile were built by 1975. 

The V3A was also one of the first missiles to feature a helmet-mounted acquisition system which allowed the pilot to lock the missile's seeker head onto a target well outside his aircraft's axis. However, the seeker head was limited to 30 degrees angle off firing under low g conditions.

The missile was integrated on the Mirage F1CZ before the aircraft left France. The missile was used by the SAAF until 1978.


V3B top, V3A middle and  AIM-9B bottom. V3A training round.