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Weapon - Air-to-Air - Kentron V1

Weapon Stats:

Range: 3.2 km, 1.98 miles
Length: 2.83 m, 9.28 ft
Diameter: 12.7 cm, 5.0 ft
Weight: 70.4 kg, 155.2 lb
Explosives: 11.4kg (25,13 lb) Fragmentation
None specified

Kentron V1

Status: Not Ordered
Category: Air-to-Air

Development of a locally designed infra0red air-to-air missile started around 1968 at the National Institute of Defence Research (NIDefR), initially using the Sidewinder's infra-red sensor. 

The V1 is essentially an Amercan AIM-9B Sidewinder fitted with a proximity fuse that was locally developed and manufactured by the CSIR. The fuse was equipped with valves, but the CSIR built a proximity fuse equipped with transistors instead. However, only a few fuzes were produced.

However, production was not proceeded with and from this emerged the V2 missile.