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Weapon - Air-to-Air - U-Darter

Weapon Stats:

Speed: > Mach 1.5
Range: 0.4-10 km, 0.3-6.2 miles
Length: 2.74 m, 8.99 ft
Diameter: 16 cm, 6.30 ft
Weight: 96 kg, 212 lb
Explosives: 17 kg (37.5 lb) HE fragmentation
Cheetah D


Status: Out of service
Category: Air-to-Air

The U-Darter (Upgraded Darter) is a short/medium range air-to-air missile,  developed from the V3C Darter for use by the Cheetah. Changes include increased weight, warhead, speeds, a digital autopilot and an improved guidance seeker within the same dimensions of the Darter. The guidance unit consists of a dual-band cooled indium-antimonide IR seeker. Manoeuvrability is greater than 50g features three acquisition modes; cage, autoscan and helmet/radar designation.

Service entry was during 1997. The U-Darter was retired, together with the Cheetah, in April 2008.

Guidance: Infra-red with laser fuze