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Weapon - Missiles - Torgos Cruise Missile

Weapon Stats:

Range: 300 km, 188 miles
Weight: 980 kg, 2,161 lb
Explosives: 450 kg (992 lb) fragmentation high-explosive
None specified

Torgos Cruise Missile

Status: In Development
Category: Missiles

Torgos is a long-range, precision-guided strike missile, designed to neutralise enemy targets such as hardened aircraft shelters, bunkers and command-and-control centres at extended stand-off ranges. Pinpoint accuracy is achieved by using advanced navigation and autonomous terminal-guidance technology. It will use GPS-INS midcourse guidance, but also has thermal imaging terminal seeker that can operate autonomously, or allow remote control over a data link.

The weapon was derived from the MUPSOW programme. It is not known if Mupsow has entered SAAF service.