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Weapon - Air-to-Air - R.530 Missile

Weapon Stats:

Speed: Mach 2.7
Range: 1.5-20 km, 0.8-11 miles
Length: 3.28 m, 10.76 ft
Diameter: 26.3 cm, 10.35 ft
Weight: 192 kg, 423 lb
Explosives: 27.2 kg (60 lb)

R.530 Missile

Status: Out of service
Category: Air-to-Air

The Matra R.530 radar-guided air-to-air missile was development commenced in 1957, with the aim of arming the French Vautour and Mirage interceptors. The semi-active radar homing missile was planned to be the sole AA armament of the Mirage, but later, the need of guns was recognized. It entered French service during 1962. The missile had a cruciform structure with fixed wings and moving tail controls and is powered by a two-stage solid-propellant motor.

Used on:
Mirage III CZ (1 x under fuselage)
Mirage F1 CZ (2 x under wing)


R-530 AAM under a Mirage III.