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Weapon - Missiles - Mupsow Cruise Missile

Weapon Stats:

Range: 150 km, 93 miles
Length: 4.92 m, 16.14 ft
Width: 1.9 m, 6.23 ft
Weight: 400 kg, 882 lb
Contents: Anti-runway submunitions; Unitary warhead; Bunker penetrator
None specified

Mupsow Cruise Missile

Status: In Development
Category: Missiles

The Kentron MUPSOW (MUlti-Purpose, Stand-Off Weapon) is a multi-purpose, surgical-strike weapon, designed to neutralize enemy targets such as airfields, bunkers and command-and-control centres at stand-off ranges. Pinpoint accuracy is achieved by using an advanced navigation and terminal guidance technology (data link, choice of TV, IIR or MMW seekers). The airframe is made out of composites, powered by a turbojet.

The Mupsow is a South African development on which Kentron has been working under contract from the Air Force since 1991, with  unpowered flight tests commencing in 1997. The MUPSOW is thought to be an extension of the H2 stand-off weapon program. It is not known if Mupsow has entered SAAF service.