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Weapon - Missiles - Mokopa Anti-Armour Missile

Weapon Stats:

Range: 10+ km, 6.2+ miles
Length: 1.995 m, 6.55 ft
Diameter: 17.8 cm, 7.0 ft
Weight: 49.8 kg, 109.8 lb
None specified

Mokopa Anti-Armour Missile

Status: Not Ordered
Category: Missiles

Mokopa is a heavy, long-range, precision-guided, anti-armour missile that utilizes the semi-active laser guidance concept. Its high-performance, large-calibre tandem warhead will destroy any foreseen armour threat (penetration of >1 350 mm RHA ). Both lock-on-before-launch and lock-on-after-launch modes are available. It can be launched from helicopters, land vehicles or naval vessels. A millimetre wave radar seeker head can also be fitted.

Full-scale development of the Mokopa system began in November 1996, with the first air-launched tests from a Rooivalk helicopter taking place during 1999, with the first guided tests in November 2000.

Due to budgetary constraints, the SAAF decided to stop integrating the weapon onto the Rooivalk.

Seeker is semi-active laser homing.

Tandem HEAT