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Weapon - Bombs - Mk 81 250 lb Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Length: 1.78 m, 5.84 ft
Diameter: 23.0 cm, 9.05 ft
Weight: 120 kg, 265 lb
Explosives: 113 kg (250 lb)

Mk 81 250 lb Bomb

Status: Current
Category: Bombs

The Mk81 is a member of the Mk 80 low-drag general purpose series of bombs designed in the US during the 1950's and now produced worldwide. The Mk81 was the standard low-drag general purpose bomb used in the SAAF and incorporated a specially constructed glass fibre body.

The newer Mk81 Optimised versions' profile has been changed slightly to incorporate bomblets. A full range of nose and tail fuses can be supplied in accordance with specific requirements.  As a modular system, standard, pre-fragmentation, boosted tail or a combination can be used. The booster can boost range during a toss profile from 8km to 16km. The retard parachute tail allows use from altitudes as low as 500ft. For area denial use, the weapon can be configured with boosted, parachute retarded and delay opening modules.



Mk81 Training Bomb mounted under an Impala MkI. Mk 81 at top. 250kg LD bomb on Gripen. 250kg LD bomb on Gripen.