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Weapon - Other - Mk 44 Torpedo

Weapon Stats:

Speed: 56 kph, 30 knots mph
Range: 5.5 km, 3.4 miles
Length: 2.57 m, 8.43 ft
Diameter: 32.4 cm, 1.06 ft
Weight: 196.8 kg, 433.9 lb
Explosives: Mk 101 Mod 1 - 40 kg containing 33 kg/73 pounds of HBX-3
Propulsion: 22 Kw/30 hp electric motor
Operational Depth: Between 300 m (900 ft) at 23 km/h (12.5 kt) or 762 m (2,500ft) at 35 km/h (19 kt).

Mk 44 Torpedo

Status: Out of service
Category: Other
The Mark 44 Mod 1 torpedo, is an active homing acoustic torpedo,designed to home in on the sounds that a submarine makes. Using asalt water-activated silver chloride/magnesium seawater catalyst
battery of 24 Kw. It is launched from helicopters, fixed-wingaircraft and Mk 32 launchers aboard ships.
Once in the water, the torpedo commences a straight search at 12knots towards the coordinates pre-programmed into it from the launchvehicle. Should it fail to acquire the target it will commence a
helical search pattern for target acquisition. Once acquired and depending on range and depth the torpedo will attack at 30 knots.
The VHF sonar has two pre-set modes of operation - continuous transmission or a stealthier mode of interrupted pinging. It has an active range of approximately 1000 yards (915 metres). It commences
search at preset depths of 50, 150, 250, 650 or 900 feet (15, 45, 76,198, 275 metres).
Running time is 6 minutes.Operational Depth: Between 300 m (900 ft) at 22 km/h (12 kt) (optimal conditions) or 76 m (250 ft) at 56 km/h (30 kt).
Introduced in 1960, more than 11,000 were manufactured in several countries before being superceded by the Mk 46 in 1964. Used as the payload in ASROC, Ikara and Kangaroo distant delivery systems/missiles.
IMT of Simon's Town did considerable work in modernising and updatingthis torpedo during the 1980s.
Used on:
Shackleton: (3 x in bombay)
Wasp (2 x under fuselage)
SAN Destroyers and Type 12 Frigates - 2 triple tube Mk 32 launchers.


Mk 44 torpedo. Mk 44 torpedo. Mk 44 torpedo under Wasp 96. Mk 44 torpedo mounted under a Wasp.