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Weapon - Guns - Mk 5 20mm Hispano Cannon

Weapon Stats:

Length: 2.06 m, 6.76 ft
Weight: 36.1 kg, 79.59 lb
Firing Rate: 600 to 640 rpm
Muzzle Speed: 853 m/min
Firing Rate: 600 to 640 rpm

Mk 5 20mm Hispano Cannon

Status: Out of service
Category: Guns

The Hispano  is a single-barrel gas-operated automatic cannon firing 20 x 110 mm ammunition.


Developed in the 1930's in Britain, the Hispano was a formidable weapon in its day, combining high muzzle velocity with long range, excellent armour penetration and explosive shells. The Mk 5 version was lighter and faster firing.

Ammunition types:
Armour piecing
Semi-armour piercing / Incendiary
Semi-armour piercing / High explosive / Incendiary

Used by:
Allouette III (cabin x 1)
Canberra (bombbay x 4)
Shackleton (nose x 2)
Vampire (nose x 4)