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Weapon - Missiles - FZ 90 70mm FFAR

Weapon Stats:

Range: 6 km, 3.7 miles
Length: 1.06 m, 3.48 ft
Diameter: 7 cm, 0.23 ft
Weight: 6.3 kg, 13.9 lb

FZ 90 70mm FFAR

Status: Current
Category: Missiles

Developed by Forges de Zeebrugge of Belgium from a licence-built US-designed Folding Fin Aircraft Rocket (FFAR). In mid-1990s announced development of Wraparound Fin Air Rocket (WAFAR) FZ 90, designed primarily for helicopters. Denel says these were found superior to the old 68mm SNEB's.

In 1997, TDA announced that the TDA/FZ 70 mm rocket system consisting of the FZ 90 rocket motor, warheads and M159 rocket launcher had been selected for integration on the South African Rooivalk helicopter.

Warheads are selectable according to the type of targets being engaged.

Explosive types:
HEAT; HE general purpose; MPSM/HE anti-armour/anti-personnel submunition; AMV multidart; target marking; smoke; chaff; illumination

Used on:
Rooivalk (x 19 per pod)


70mm FFAR drill rounds for the Rooivalk. 70mm FFAR rockets. 70mm FFAR drill rounds for the Rooivalk.