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Weapon - Guns - F2 20mm Cannon

Weapon Stats:

Weight: 39 kg, 86 lb
Firing Rate: 740 rpm
Muzzle Speed: 1 100 m/min
Firing Rate: 740 rpm

F2 20mm Cannon

Status: Current
Category: Guns

The turret is designed around the French GIAT 20mm F2 cannon, well known for its versatility and fire power. One of the main features is the dual feed option, which provides the pilot the capability to select either high explosive or armour piercing ammunition. Additionally, the unique mechanical layout of the turret system enables the pilot to slave the cannon through 220 in azimuth and 70 in elevation, in spite of the difficulty of accommodating dual ammunition feeding to the cannon at these extreme angles.

Ammunition types:
High explosive
Armour piercing

Used on:
Rooivalk (1 x nose)


F2 20mm cannon. F2 20mm cannon on the Rooivalk. F2 20mm cannon on the Rooivalk. F2 20mm Cannon with live rounds.