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Weapon - Guns - DEFA 553 30mm Cannon

Weapon Stats:

Length: 1.86 m, 6.10 ft
Weight: 83 kg, 183 lb
Firing Rate: 1 300 rpm
Muzzle Speed: 814 m/min (2670
Firing Rate: 1 300 rpm

DEFA 553 30mm Cannon

Status: Out of service
Category: Guns

The GIAT DEFA 553 is a 30mm gas-operated five-chamber revolver cannon using pyrotechnic cocking and electrical ignition.

It was developed from the DEFA 552 in 1957. Compared to the DEFA 552, the new version provided a new feed system, nitro-chrome steel barrel, forged drum casing, improved electrical reliability, a decrease in muzzle pressure and ease of maintenance.

It fires a range of 30 mm ammunition in various types, and is capable of continuous fire or of 0.5-second or 1-second bursts.

Projectile weight:
243 g (8.6 oz)

Ammunition types:
Ball (Training)
High explosive / Incendiary
Armour piercing / High explosive / Incendiary
High explosive / Fragmentation

Used on:
Cheetah (fuselage x 2)
Impala MkII (fuselage x 2)
Mirage F1 (fuselage x 2)


DEFA 553 on the Impala MkII. DEFA 553 on the Impala MkII. Defa 553 cannon.