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Weapon - Missiles - AS.20 Missile

Weapon Stats:

Speed: Mach 1.7
Range: 1.3-7 km, 0.78-4.3 miles
Length: 2.59 m, 8.50 ft
Width: 0.78 m, 2.56 ft
Diameter: 25 cm, 9.84 ft
Weight: 145 kg, 320 lb
Explosives: 33 kg (73 lb)
Propulsion: Dual-thrust solid-propellant

AS.20 Missile

Status: Out of service
Category: Missiles

The Nord AS.20  was a French air-to-surface missile of the 1960's.

It featured manual radio guidance from the cockpit of the plane using a small joystick.

Radio guided to target.

Used by:
Buccaneer (4 x under wings)
Mirage IIIEZ (1 x under fuselage)
Mirage F1AZ (1 x under fuselage)