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Weapon - Bombs - 745 (Griffin) Laser-Guided Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Cheetah C, Cheetah D

745 (Griffin) Laser-Guided Bomb

Status: Out of service
Category: Bombs
The kit comprises a front guidance section and a rear fins section, which are attached to a standard bomb, converting it to a "smart" bomb. The bomb has been intergrated onto the Cheetah aircraft.

Although not confirmed, it would appear that the 745 is actually the IAI Griffin Laser-Guided Bomb (LGB). The Griffin guidance kits were designed for easy attachment to standard low-drag bombs such as the US Mk 82 (500 lb), Mk 83 (1000 lb) and Mk 84 (2,000 lb) bombs.

The types of target in mind for Griffin are command posts, bunkers, hardened shelters, bridges, SAM sites and ships.

It would appear that the weapon could be configured into two versions:

  • 745LS: Low Speed, with the standard fin kit.
  • 745HS: High Speed with the fins snapped off at the halfway mark.

Target illumination for the system is designed to be either by an aircraft-mounted laser designator (typically by the back-seater in a Cheetah D), or by a ground laser designator.

The bomb was intergrated onto the Cheetah aircraft and was phased out along with the Cheetahs in 2008. The 745 was replaced by the US Paveway 2 LGB, which has been cleared for use on the SAAF's SAAB Gripen C aircraft.


A laser-guided bomb displayed with a Cheetah C. LGB at AFB Overberg in 2007. LGB at AFB Overberg in 2007.