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Weapon - Bombs - 400 kg Bomb

Weapon Stats:

Length: 2.2 m, 7.22 ft
Explosives: 165 kg (363 lb) TNT

400 kg Bomb

Status: Out of service
Category: Bombs

The tail is capable of being fitted with the Matra Type 200 parachute.

Without parachute, a nose fuze without delay and a tail fuze with a 0.025 sec delay is used. The pilot can also choose between, nose, tail or both fuzes.

When using a parachute, special nose and tail fuzes are used which automatically prevent premature detonation  immediately after release. Detonation occurs on contact with the ground. Should the parachute not deploy or the bomb is released at a speed lower than (833 km/h (450 knots), the tail fuze remains safe and 15 to 20 seconds later the nose fuze is activated in order not to detonate the bomb to near the aircraft.

Used on:
Buccaneer (4 x underwing, 4 x in bombay)
Canberra (2 x underwing)
Mirage III (2 x underwing, 2 x under fuselage)
Mirage F1 (4 x underwing, 4 x under fuselage)