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Weapon - Bombs - Mk-81O Filter Bomb

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Mk-81O Filter Bomb

Status: Current
Category: Bombs

The Filter Mk-81O (Optimised) family of bombs comprises a multipurpose warhead based on a slightly Mk-81 body that is a few mm larger.

It had the same effect on light armour as the Mk-82 bomb, but had a more even and effective fragmentation profile.  A range of new fuzes and tails were developed and entered SAAF service in the early 2000's.

The family included low drag tails, rocket boosted bombs, retarded bombs and a hybrid rocket boosted, parachute anti-airfield bomb.

The anti-airfield bomb was slowed by a parachute and "pegged" into the ground.  The fuze was set to detonate at a random interval.  A "tilt" sensor detected if the enemy tried to move the bomb.

The boosted (rocket boosted and anti-airfield) and retarded variants were integrated with the Cheetahs.

Only the low-drag tail variants (with prox/quick or pen fuzes) are integrated with the Gripen and Hawk.

Epsilon Engineering Services assisted in the integration of the Filter family to the  Hawk trainer and Gripen fighter by providing certification datapacks on bomb systems. The datapack clarify interfaces and procedures required to ensure the safe and effective deployment of the weapons.

Its involvement with the weapons stems from its responsibility for the systems engineering of a range of bombs under development for Armscor. This included the design and development of composite tooling for tail components.


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