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Weapon - Recce/Targeting - Carl Zeiss Optronics Argos 410-Z

Weapon Stats:

208 Caravan, A109 LUH

Carl Zeiss Optronics Argos 410-Z

Status: Current
Category: Recce/Targeting

The Carl Zeiss Optronics Argos 410-Z observation system is fitted to many Cessna Caravans, whilst the Argos 410-A4 version may be fitted to the AgustaWestland A109 light utility helicopter.

The Argos 410 enhances and expands the ability of both platforms to perform long range search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance, and other observation missions.

The Argos 410-Z military airborne observation system from Carl Zeiss Optronics (Pty) is a South African development drawing on the experience of its Cumulus and Denel Optronics heritage. The turret system itself and facilities allows the customer to select the exact nature of the sensor fit.

The contracted Argos 410-Z sensor configuration includes the latest generation Carl Zeiss Optronics mid-wave ATTICA thermal imager (FLIR), a 3-CCD daylight TV Camera with powerful Zoom Lens, eye-safe Laser Range Finder, Autotracker, and Mission Awareness Positioning System (MAPS). The MAPS function provides the system operator with GPS coordinates of objects of interest which is achieved by a high accuracy integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

The Argos 410-Z is built to military specifications and offers outstanding day and night image quality. At the heart of the system is Carl Zeiss Optronics ATTICA 640x512 thermal imager, known for generating clear, focused images. With its four fields of view and advanced image processing features, including edge enhancement, local adaptive dynamic compression and electronic zoom, it offers exceptional detection, recognition and identification ranges. The high resolution, colour 3 CCD continuous zoom camera is supported by a powerful zoom lens.


Airborne Observation System Argos 410-Z (Photo: Zeiss) The Argos 410-Z as fitted to the Cessna Caravan (Photo: Dean Wingrin)