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Date: Aircraft: Serial: Unit: Involved: Location: Circumstances:
26 Mar 2018
C 212 Aviocar
1010 44 Sqn OK Bloemspruit Whilst taxiing past another aircraft on a narrow wet taxiway, got stuck in a pothole.
17 Jan 2013
C 212 Aviocar
8020 44 Sqn 5 OK Tempe Experienced mechanical difficulties and landed on nose-wheel, running off runway. Written-off.
8 Feb 2010
C 212 Aviocar
8020 44 Sqn OK Swartkop Brakes caught alight on runway, causing superficial damage.
16 Oct 2008
C 212 Aviocar
8021 44 Sqn OK AFB Bloemspruit Gust of wind caused aircraft to veer off runway during take-off. Starboard wingtip hit ground and aircraft came to a rest at 90 degrees to the runway.