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Date: Aircraft: Serial: Unit: Involved: Location: Circumstances:
31 Mar 2003
Cheetah C
349 2 Sqn 1 OK Near Levubu/ Thohoyandou During a routine 2v2 IR AAM engagement, flight control problems occured which led to a departure followed by what was developing into a flat spin with insufficient recovery height. Pilot successfully ejected.
27 Nov 2000
Cheetah C
358 2 Sqn 1 k AFB Louis Trichardt Crashed on test flight when aircraft flipped over on short finals. Pilot did not eject. Pilot error has been ruled out.
31 Aug 1997
Cheetah C
360 2 Sqn 1 OK Near Louis Trichardt Pilot ejected.
7 Nov 1994
Cheetah C
364 2 Sqn 1 OK Near Jacobs Bay on Cape West Coast