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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 2 x 350hp Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IX radial piston engines
Speed: 210 kph, 338mph mph
Range: 1 045km, 650miles
Seats: 7
Length: 10.53m, 34ft 6in
Span: 15.94m, 4ft 4in
Empty Weight: 1 840kg, 4,057lb
Max T/O Weight: 2 860kg, 6,300lb
Period of Service: 1937 - 1942

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AS-6J Envoy

Status: Retired
Manufacturer: Airspeed
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Role: Utility

The Envoy was designed as a twin-engined development of the Courier, it used the same wooden construction, outer wing panels and backward retracting undercarriage.

Seven machines were ordered for joint use by the South African Air Force and South African Airways, with three being delivered in military form and four delivered to South African Airways, where they were used on the air route between Johannesburg - Bloemfontein - Port Elizabeth on 12 October 1936. All seven could be transformed by four persons within four hours from the transportation version into a light bomber or reconnaissance aircraft. In this configuration the crew consisted of four; pilot, navigator, radio operator and gunner.


Envoy 254 of 3 (Comms) Squadron at Zwartkop. Envoy 252 (ex ZS-ALE) Three view plan of the Airspeed Envoy.