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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 4 x 2,455 hp RR Griffon 57A piston engines
Speed: 322 kph, 200mph mph
Range: 6 782km, 4,215miles
Seats: 13
Length: 28.1m, 92ft 6in
Span: 36.52m, 10ft 10in
Empty Weight: 26 218kg, 57,800lb
Max T/O Weight: 44 452kg, 98,000lb
Period of Service: 1957 - 1984

Shackleton MR.3

Status: Retired
Manufacturer: Avro
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
Role: Maritime patrol

As a replacement for the Short Sunderland, eight Avro Shackleton MR Mk3 were ordered in 1954, and delivery took place in 1957. 

One Shackleton was lost on operations when it crashed in the Stettynsberg range of mountains during poor weather conditions on 8th August 1963 with the loss of life of all 13 crew. The Shackletons were finally withdrawn from service at the end of 1984 as their "time" had run out.

 Shackleton 1716 was re-furbished to flying condition for the SAAF Museum, but had the unfortunate experience to crash land in the Sahara desert near the border with Mauritania on 13 July 1994 whilst on a flight to Great Britain to take part in a number of air shows. It suffered a number of engine failures and was forced to land in the dark, without any loss of life to the 19 crew on board. Another Shackleton 1722 has been re-conditioned to flying status and flies as part of the SAAF Historical Flight in Cape Town.

 Armament consisted of two 20-mm cannon in the nose, plus up to 10,000lb (4 536kg) of weapons in the underfuselage bay.


Three Shackletons over Cape Town priior to retirement. Shackleton 1723. Shackleton 1722 in the 1970's. Shackleton 1716.