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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 1 x 3,410 lb Rolls Royce Viper turbojet Mk540
Speed: 770 kph, 478mph mph
Range: 1 665km, 1,035miles
Seats: 1
Length: 10.67m, 35ft
Span: 10.85m, 7ft 7in
Empty Weight: 3 123kg, 6,885lb
Max T/O Weight: 5 897kg, 13,000lb
Period of Service: 1974 - 2005

Impala Mk II

Status: Retired
Manufacturer: Atlas
Country of Manufacture: South Africa
Role: Attack/Strike

A single-seat light attack variant of the MB-326, the MB-326K with a further uprated 4,000 lbf (18 kN) thrust Viper engine and strengthened airframe

In 1974 Aermacchi delivered to South Africa seven MB-326Ks in component form, followed by 15 more sets in the following year for assembly by Atlas Aircraft Corporation. Atlas then continued to build the type under licence as the Impala Mk 2, producing a further 78 aircraft.


Impala MkII 1002 Impala MkII 1095 Impala MkII in 2002. Impala MkII 1094 in 2002. Impala MkII in 1989.