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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 2 x 530 Kw Turbomeca Arrius 2K2 turboshafts
Speed: 283 kph, 175mph mph
Range: 935km, 581miles
Seats: 2+6
Length: 11.45m, 37ft 6in
Span: 10.83m, 6ft 6in
Empty Weight: 2 275kg, 5,016lb
Max T/O Weight: 3 175kg, 7,000lb
Period of Service: 2003 - current

A109 LUH

Status: Current
Manufacturer: Agusta Westland
Country of Manufacture: Italy
Role: Utility

The rotorcraft is part of the Strategic Defence Package and was selected in competition with the Bell 427 (Canada), Eurocopter Cougar and the Eurocopter EC635 (both Franco/German).

Thirty were acquired under Project FLANGE and an option for ten more exists. South African companies involved in the project that slipped two years because of problems caused by local modifications, included Saab Grintek, Denel Optronics, Tellumat and Waymark. The helicopter is well suited to tasks such as light passenger and cargo transport, patrolling and reconnaissance, liaison and command, medical evacuation, light attack and antitank, escort and area suppression.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed and its three 6x8 inch flat screen digital displays are compatible with night vision goggles and fully capable of IFR/IMC. The helicopter boasts a four-bladed, fully articulated rotor for low flicker/low acoustic detectability as well as low vibration. The blades are ballistic tolerant. All critical systems are duplicated and seperated for low vulnerability. The helicopter's fuel tanks are self-sealing and protected against 12.7mm Armour-Piercing Incendiary hits.


A-109 4003 during 2004.

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