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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 2 x 900 shp Garret Airesearch turboprops
Speed: 365 kph, 227mph mph
Range: 1 760km, 1,094miles
Seats: 2+25
Length: 16.15m, 53ft
Span: 20.28m, 6ft 6in
Empty Weight: 3 780kg, 8,333lb
Max T/O Weight: 7 700kg, 16,975lb
Period of Service: 1994 - Current

None specified

44 Squadron

6 incidents recorded

C 212 Aviocar

Status: Current
Manufacturer: CASA
Country of Manufacture: Spain
Role: Light Tranport

The Aviocar fleet as inherited in 1994 from the air wings of the former Bophuthatswana (1, 1985), Transkei (2, 1986) and Venda (2, 1988). One of the former Transkei Defence Force aircraft, TDF-01, never received a SAAF serial as it was written-off on 6 July 1993, prior to integration.

It is a short-take-off and landing aircraft with a rough field capability, high wings and a fixed landing gear. The C212 was designed as a C-47 replacement and has been called a scaled-down C130. The C212 can take off from fields as short as 400m.


CASA 212-300 8021 in 1997. CASA 212M-200 8010 in 2004. Casa 212-300 8020 of 86 MEFS. The aircraft is ex-Venda DF VDF-040. CASA 212-300 8020 in 2002. CASA 212-200 (T-300) of the Bop Airwing. The aircraft is now SAAF 8011. CASA 212-200 (T-300) of the Bop Airwing in 1994. The aircraft is now SAAF 8011.