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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 1 General Electric J47-GE-27 5,970 lbs turbojet
Speed: 1,091 kph, 678mph mph
Range: 2,454km, 1,525miles
Seats: 1
Length: 11.4m, 37ft 1in
Span: 11.3m, 0ft
Empty Weight: 5,046kg, 11,125lb
Max T/O Weight: 8,234kg, 18,152lb
Period of Service: 1953 - 1953

0.50 Inch Browning Machinegun

None specified

No incidents found

F86F-30 Sabre

Status: Retired
Manufacturer: North American
Country of Manufacture: Canada
Role: Fighter/Bomber

The SAAF's use of the Sabre started during the Korean War when 2 Squadron had their Mustangs replaced by North American F86F-30 Sabres. This was due to the high regard and respect that the SAAF pilots had achieved with their tenacity in the ground attack role with Mustangs.

The first machines, on loan from he USAF, were delivered in January 1953, and the last returned to the USAF in October 1953. 

These early Sabres, although F models, which in theory would of been fitted with the newly-developed "6-3" wing were in fact mostly all fitted with the older slatted non 6-3 wing. There is photographic evidence though that at least one of the attrition replacement aircraft was fitted with a "hard 6-3 wing".

At the cessation of the Korean hostilities 2 Squadron returned all their remaining Sabre's to the USAF. Aircraft losses amounted to four out of 22 Sabres.

Serials were in the 601 to 622 range.