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Aircraft Stats:

Powerplant: 2 x 600 hp Junkers Jumo diesel engines.
Speed: 325 kph, 202mph mph
Range: 1 500km, 932miles
Seats: 4
Length: 17.87m, 58ft 7.5in
Span: 22.50m, 10ft 10in
Empty Weight: 5 150kg, 11,354lb
Max T/O Weight: 8 200kg, 18,078lb
Period of Service: 1939 - 1945

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Ju 86 K-3 / Z

Status: Retired
Manufacturer: Junkers
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Role: Bomber

South African Airways ordered seventeen Junkers Ju86's as airliners, the first arriving in South Africa in June 1937. They were designated Ju86 Z-3's, and had Rolls Royce Kestrel Engines. After the first five were manufactured, the engines on the rest were changed to Pratt & Whitney Hornets, and the designation changed to Ju86 Z-7.

A single Ju86K (the military bomber version) with BMW engines was also sent to South Africa, presumably to be evaluated by the South African Air Force, thus the total that arrived was eighteen.   All were given civil serials, including the bomber.

When war was declared the civil Ju86's were taken over by the SAAF, pressed into service firstly with 15 Squadron based at Wingfield in Cape Town (which subsequently became 32 (Coastal) Squadron 'A' Flight on 1 December 1939) and then with 12 Squadron.

12 Squadron was sent to East Africa with the Ju86's.  In May 1941, the remaining eight Ju86's of 12 Squadron  were transferred to 16 Squadron, a newly formed squadron who were thrust into action almost immediately during the advance into Jimma. In light of the poor serviceability, 16 Squadron ceased to operate on a squadron basis, being renumbered 35 Flight on 22 August 1941.

The ex-SAA aircraft were as follows:

ZS-AGE Junkers Ju.86Z-1 - ex SAA "Louis Trichardt", SAAF 642

ZS-AGF Junkers Ju.86Z-1 - ex-SAA "Richard King"

ZS-AGG Junkers Ju.86Z-1 - ex-SAA "Ryk Tulbagh"

ZS-AGH Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "David Lindley"

ZS-AGI Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "Sir John Cradock"

ZS-AGJ Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "General David Baird", SAAF 647

ZS-AJE Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "Gert Maritz"later"Sarel Cilliers"

ZS-AJK Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "Hendrik Swellengrebel", SAAF 648

ZS-AJL Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "Cecil John Rhodes"later"David Lindley"

ZS-ALN Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "Sir Hercules Robinson", SAAF 650

ZS-ALV(1) Junkers Ju.86Z-5 - ex-SAA "President Steyn"

ZS-ANA Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA "Sir Gordon J. Sprigg", SAAF 653

ZS-ANB Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA "J.C.Molteno"

ZS-ANC Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA "Sir Benjamin D'Urban"

ZS-AND(1) Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA "Lord Charles Somerset", SAAF 656

ZS-ANE Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA "Simon van der Stel", SAAF 657

ZS-ANF Junkers Ju.86Z-5 ex-SAA"Saul Solomon"

ZS-ANI Junkers Ju.86K-1 ex-SAA"Lady Ann Barnard", SAAF 658


Ju-86 Ju-86 in 1940 (Photo: Fritz Johl) Junkers Ju.86K ZS-ANI in SAAF service, still retaining the ANI part of the registration. (Photographer unknown)