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Revamped SAA Airbus A340-600 to become new presidential aircraft?

President Jacob Zuma’s flight to New York aboard an SAA jet last Friday is proof positive South Africa does not need to buy another VVIP aircraft, opposition Freedom Front Plus party defence spokesman Pieter Groenewald maintains.


Another Oryx hit by small arms fire in the DRC

An Oryx medium transport helicopter of the SAAF was hit twice in the main rotor blades during operations against the ADF.


Oryx mid-life upgrade deemed a success

Despite hard lessons learnt, the South African Air Force has successfully completed the mid-life upgrade of all Oryx medium transport helicopters under Project Drummer


SA pilots training in Russia – Political push for greater co-operation

Five South African Air Force (SAAF) officers are undergoing pilot training in Russia and more could soon be on their way as the two countries step up defence ties.


SAAF demonstrates that it trains to fight

The South African Air Force (SAAF) hosted its annual Air Capability Demonstration (ACD) at Roodewal Weapons Range in Makhado, Limpopo Province on 13 September 2016.


Defence Minister adamant a VVIP aircraft will be leased

Defence and Military Veterans Minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, is adamant the SA Air Force (SAAF) will acquire a new VVIP aircraft and until such time as negotiations are concluded and the asset is a reality, another aircraft will be leased for at least


Zuma's R500m backup Boeing is on it's way

The air force plans to spend about R500-million on an 18-month lease of a second luxury jet for President Jacob Zuma that aviation experts say he doesn\'t need.


Armscor tender bulletin says SA Army is looking to lease an inter-continental aircraft

Indications are Armscor has solved its website security problems and the tender bulletin is again operational, but not necessarily 100% correct.


South Africa pays tribute to 1944 Warsaw uprising heroes

Serving military members, veterans and descendants have paid tribute to the bravery and heroism of the Poles who took part in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and the SAAF pilots who supported them.


SANDF “not operating” UAVs – spokesman

The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) maintains it is not operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at present.


SAAF Museum working on restoration projects and transformation displays

As part of its role in preserving South Africa’s military aviation heritage through its museum, the SAAF is compiling a history which is inclusive and reflects all factors that have made the SAAF what it is today.


Back to square one for VVIP aircraft acquisition

No less than four different options were investigated by Armscor when it came to acquiring another VVIP aircraft for the SA Air Force (SAAF) as per Ministerial instruction.


Hawks now fly from Waterkloof

Renewed plans are underway to relocate the Air Force\'s Hawk trainers to the Waterkloof Air Force Base.


Kellstrom and Astra supplying spares for SAAF C-130s

US-based company Kellstrom Defence Aerospace and South Africa’s Astra Aircraft Corporation have been awarded a contract to support the South African Air Force’s C-130BZ transport aircraft.


Rooivalks the ‘blue eyed boys’ of UN mission in the DRC

South Africa’s Rooivalk deployment with the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the blue eyed boy of the mission due to its unrivalled effectiveness, according to an SA Air Force (SAAF) official.


New VVIP aircraft acquisition still shrouded in silence

Efforts by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to obtain detailed information on the maintenance and servicing costs of the Presidential BBJ have been put on hold due to the upcoming local government elections but the issue will again be taken up when Parliament


SAAF jets fly almost 140 hours during air-to-air camp at AFB Overberg

The jets making up the sharp point of the SAAF recently stretched their wings, as it were, and at least 11 of them logged over 138 hours during an air-to-air training camp at AFB Overberg.


Armscor leaks reveal VIP jet windfall

Mystery surrounds the payment of R230m in just two years for the maintenance of the state’s VIP jets to private aviation firm Execujet.


Project Achilles to be complete in 2019

Project Achilles, the SANDF’s project to equip the SA Air Force’s Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) with image and video interpretation and exploitation tools, is due to be completed in January 2019.


Zuma to fly to France in another bizjet shadowed by Inkwazi

When President Jacob Zuma and his entourage take off for France next month it will be aboard the latest 21 Squadron acquisition – a “damp lease” Boeing 737 business jet in VVIP configuration due to arrive at AFB Waterkloof within days.


Kruger helicopter crash investigation reveals training and skills shortfalls

The official accident report into the March 2013 SA Air Force (SAAF) A109 helicopter crash in the Kruger National Park points to training and skills shortfalls as being contributing factors to the death of five people, including the flight crew.


July is Ex Ndlovu month for the SANDF

Next month will see all three fighting arms of service of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) involved in exercises designed to test doctrine and readiness as well as overall command and control (C2).


Defence Minister’s clarification on “stolen” SAAF aircraft

An attempt by a Freedom Front Plus MP to shed further light on aircraft apparently “stolen” from the SA Air Force (SAAF) has resulted in further confusion thanks to the response by Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula.


SAAF mission and training flying hours cut in favour of VVIP flights – DA

Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party shadow defence and military veterans minister Kobus Marais says the increase in VIP flying hours allocated to the SAAF means there is just four thousand hours to cover all other missions and training.


13 of 26 SAAF Gripens are active; the rest are in rotational storage

Exactly half the South African Air Force’s fleet of26 Gripen fighter jets is actively flying while the other half is in rotational storage due to a lack of funding.

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