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Retired Aircraft

Aircraft: Manufacturer: Role: Squadrons:

Wasp HAS Mk 1
Westland Anti-Submarine Warfare

Hawker Attack/Strike
Beaufighter Mk X Bristol Attack/Strike

Beaufort Mk IA
Bristol Attack/Strike
Beaufighter Mk II Bristol Attack/Strike
Beaufighter Mk VI Bristol Attack/Strike

Buccaneer S.Mk50
Hawker Siddeley Attack/Strike

Impala Mk II
Atlas Attack/Strike

Mirage IIIEZ
Dassault-Breguet Attack/Strike

B-24J Liberator
Consolidated Bomber

Airco Bomber
Wellesley (Type 246) Vickers Bomber

Airco Bomber
D.H.9J (M'pala I) Airco Bomber

D.H.9J (M'pala II)
Airco Bomber
D.H.9J (Mantis) Airco Bomber
Blenheim Mk IV Bristol Bomber

Blenheim Mk I
Bristol Bomber
Blenheim Mk V Bristol Bomber
DB-7 Boston III (A-20C) Douglas Bomber

Battle B, T, TT
Fairey Bomber
Wellington B.Mk III (Type 417) Vickers Bomber
Wellington B.Mk VIII (Type 429) Vickers Bomber
Wellington B.Mk X (Type 440) Vickers Bomber

Wellington B.Mk XI (Type 458)
Vickers Bomber
Wellington B.Mk XII (Type 455) Vickers Bomber
Wellington B.Mk XIII (Type 466) Vickers Bomber

Hart I (Bomber and Trainer)
Hawker Bomber

Hawker Bomber

Ju 86 K-3 / Z
Junkers Bomber

Baltimore Mk III, IIIA
Martin Bomber
Baltimore Mk I Martin Bomber
Baltimore Mk II Martin Bomber
Baltimore Mk V Martin Bomber
B-26G Marauder Mk III Martin Bomber

B-26C Marauder Mk II
Martin Bomber
B.E.2e Royal Aircraft Factory Bomber/Reconaissance
Hudson Mk I Lockheed Bomber/Reconaissance

Canberra T Mk 4
English Electric Bomber/Reconaissance

Canberra B(I)12
English Electric Bomber/Reconaissance
Audax Hawker Bomber/Reconaissance

Maryland II
Martin Bomber/Reconaissance

Royal Aircraft Factory Fighter

Spitfire Mk Vb, c
Supermarine Fighter

Spitfire Mk VIII
Supermarine Fighter

Spitfire Mk IX
Supermarine Fighter
Spitfire Mk LFIX Supermarine Fighter

CL.13B Sabre Mk 6
Canadair Fighter

Hurricane Mk I
Hawker Fighter

D.H.98 Mosquito F Mk II
De Havilland Fighter
D.H.98 Mosquito PR Mk IX De Havilland Fighter
D.H.98 Mosquito PR Mk XVI De Havilland Fighter

Cheetah C
Atlas Fighter
Gauntlet Mk II Gloster Fighter
Gladiator Mk I Gloster Fighter
Gladiator Mk II Gloster Fighter

Fury I
Hawker Fighter

Mirage F1CZ
Dassault-Breguet Fighter

Hurricane Mk IIB, C, D
Hawker Fighter

Mirage IIICZ
Dassault-Breguet Fighter

Spitfire Mk IXe
Supermarine Fighter

Cheetah E
Atlas Fighter
Vampire FB6 (D.H.100) De Havilland Fighter/Bomber

Vampire FB-52 (D.H.100)
De Havilland Fighter/Bomber

F-51D Mustang
North American Fighter/Bomber

F86F-30 Sabre
North American Fighter/Bomber

P-40N Kittyhawk IV (Warhawk)
Curtiss Fighter/Bomber

P-40 Kittyhawk Mk IV
Curtiss Fighter/Bomber

P-40M Kittyhawk Mk III
Curtiss Fighter/Bomber

P-40 Kittyhawk Mk IA
Curtiss Fighter/Bomber
P-40 Tomahawk Mk IIB Curtiss Fighter/Bomber

P-40 Tomahawk Mk IIA
Curtiss Fighter/Bomber

D.H.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI
De Havilland Fighter/Bomber

Mirage F1AZ
Dassault-Breguet Fighter/Bomber

P-51D, K Mustang IV, IVA
North American Fighter/Bomber

Vampire FB5 (D.H.100)
De Havilland Fighter/Bomber
P-51C Mustang Mk III North American Fighter/Bomber

Boeing 707-328C
Boeing Inflight refuelling/Special missions/Transport

C-47/DC-3 Dakota III & IV
Douglas Light Tranport
F-13 Junkers Light Tranport
FK-46 Koolhaven Light Tranport

Anson GR1 / T1 (Type 652A)
Avro Maritime patrol

P166S Albatross
Piaggio Maritime patrol

PBY-5 Catalina IB/III
Consolidated Maritime patrol

B-34 Ventura II
Lockheed Maritime patrol

Shackleton MR.3
Avro Maritime patrol

Sunderland GR-5
Shorts Maritime patrol

PV-1 Ventura GR-5
Lockheed Maritime patrol

Transall Medium transport

CN 235
CASA Medium transport 44 Squadron

C-130F Hercules
Lockheed Medium transport

DC-4 Skymaster
Douglas Medium transport

Warwick Mk V
Vickers Reconnaissance

Mirage IIIRZ
Dassault-Breguet Reconnaissance

Mirage IIIR2Z
Dassault-Breguet Reconnaissance
A.O.P.3 Auster Reconnaissance/Utility
A.O.P.5 Auster Reconnaissance/Utility
A.O.P.6 Auster Reconnaissance/Utility
A.O.P.9 Auster Reconnaissance/Utility

185D Skywagon
Cessna Reconnaissance/Utility

185E Skywagon
Cessna Reconnaissance/Utility

F-24 Argus Mk III
Fairchild Reconnaissance/Utility
AS.31 Survey Gloster Reconnaissance/Utility

AS-31 Survey
Gloster Reconnaissance/Utility

185A Skywagon
Cessna Reconnaissance/Utility
Beaufort Mk I Bristol Torpedo-bomber

AS.10 Oxford I
Airspeed Training
Tutor I (Type 621) Avro Training

AS.10 Oxford II
Airspeed Training

H-75A-4 Mohawk
Curtiss Training

Avro Training
504N Avro Training
Bu 131A Jungman Bucker Training
Bu 133 Jungmeister Bucker Training

D.H.82A Tiger Moth
De Havilland Training
D.H.89B Dominie De Havilland Training
D.H.94 Moth Minor De Havilland Training

Alouette III
Sud Aviation Training

Mirage IIID2Z
Dassault-Breguet Training

Harvard 1, IIA, III (NA-88)
North American Training

T-6G Texan (Harvard)
North American Training

Impala Mk I
Atlas Training

Mirage IIIBZ
Dassault-Breguet Training

Pilatus Training

M.14A Magister
Miles Training
M.19 Master II and III Miles Training

Vampire T11 (D.H.115)
De Havilland Training
A-17A Nomad Mk I Northrop Training

Mirage IIIDZ
Dassault-Breguet Training

Vampire T55 (D.H.115)
De Havilland Training

Cheetah D
Atlas Training/Interdiction Test Flight and Development Centre

Valentia (Type 264)
Vickers Transport

685 York C1
Avro Transport

B80 Queen Air
Beech Transport
320 Skynight Cessna Transport
336 Skymaster Cessna Transport
411 Cessna Transport

D.H.66 Hercules
De Havilland Transport
D.H.83 Fox Moth De Havilland Transport
D.H.84 Dragon De Havilland Transport
D.H.85 Leopard Moth De Havilland Transport
D.H.89A Dragon Rapide / Dominee De Havilland Transport
D.H.90 Dragonfly De Havilland Transport
D.H.104 Dove 5 De Havilland Transport

D.H.114 Heron 2
De Havilland Transport

Ju 52/3m
Junkers Transport

BN-2A Islander
Britten-Norman Transport

18-08 Lodestar
Lockheed Transport
14 Super Electra Lockheed Transport

Seeker 1
Kentron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
8500 Sportster Rearwin Utility
9000-L Sportster Rearwin Utility
STA Ryan Utility

D.H.87B Hornet Moth
De Havilland Utility

Sikorsky Utility
SR-5A Reliant Stinson Utility
KCA Aeronca Utility
SR-10F Reliant Stinson Utility
50C Chief Aeronca Utility
BC, BL, BL-65 Taylorcraft Utility
65C Chief Aeronca Utility
S.2 Tipsy Utility

AS-6J Envoy
Airspeed Utility
Various biplanes Waco Utility
Scout Westland Utility

Wapiti Mk IIA and III
Westland Utility
C-45 Expiditer Beechcraft Utility
V2 Altis Utility
Spartan Simmonds Utility
V3 Altis Utility
F-45 Fairchild Utility
D.H.60M De Havilland Utility
Avian IIIA (Type 594) Avro Utility

Avian IVM (Type 616)
Avro Utility
Sports Avian (Type 616) Avro Utility
C-34 Airmaster Cessna Utility
180D Cessna Utility
D.H.60G Gipsy Moth De Havilland Utility
D.H.60GIII Moth Major De Havilland Utility
D.H.60 Moth De Havilland Utility
D.H.80A Puss Moth De Havilland Utility

Do 27A
Dornier Utility

Alouette II
Sud Aviation Utility

AM.3C Bosbok
Aermacchi Utility

SA321L Super Frelon
Sud Aviation Utility

C.4M Kudu
Atlas Utility

SA-330C, H, L Puma
Sud Aviation Utility
M.2H Hawk Miles Utility

Sikorsky Utility
M.5 Sparrow Hawk Miles Utility
M.3B Falcon Six Miles Utility
P3 Gull Six Percival Utility
PC-6 Pilatus Utility
J-3 Cub Piper Utility
J-4A Cub Coupe Piper Utility
PA-23 Aztec 250 Piper Utility

PC-6 Turbo Porter
Pilatus Utility
PA-28 Cherokee 140 Piper Utility
6000-M Speedster Rearwin Utility
7000 Sportster Rearwin Utility

HS125-400B Mercurius
Raytheon VIP Transport

Merlin IVA
Fairchild VIP Transport

Viscount 781D
Vickers VIP Transport

SA365N Dauphin
Aerospatiale VIP Transport