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Warriors Of The Sky

Springbok Air Heroes in Combat

Author: Peter Bagshawe

ISBN: 874800111

Reviewed By: Dirk Lombard

This book is a must have for anyone interested in SAAF history & operations in WWII , Korea and the Border War.

What makes this book unique is that all of the contributors to this book had seen service during wartime, in SAAF service or South Africans pilots serving in the RAF during WWII. All of the featured stories pays tribute to the pilots and aircrew, with some of them paying the ultimate price in serving their country.

Some of the featured stories feature:

  • Tales of the ill-fated transport mission that SAAF B-24 Liberators flew to supply the Polish Home Army during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944;
  • Tributes to Bert Rademan DFC , OC of 24 Squadron, SAAF, during the Western Desert Campaign and to Pikkie Rautenbach, SAAF fighter pilot in WWII & in Korea;
  • Jack Frost DFC, top-scoring SAAF fighter ace during WWII;
  • The extra-ordinary night attack mission flown by Dick Lewer DFC, on 23 August 1981. Lewer was awarded the USAF DFC during his tour of ops in Korea during the Korean War, and he was the only pilot to have served in Korea and in the Border War.
  • The attack on Cuban AFV's by Dries Marais in a Buccaneer during the withdrawal of SADF parabats from the Angolan town of Cassinga. Marais received the Honoris Crux (Silver) for his role in saving the parabats.

A must have for any person who is interested in SAAF history - the book gives a unique perspective how the war was fought by those in the air .

I'll recommend that you shop around for this book - enquire at your bookshop specializing in out of print books. 

The time and effort in finding a copy of this book is well rewarded - a great tribute to the SAAF pilots.

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