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South Africa's Flying Cheetahs In Korea

Author: Dermot Moore and Peter Bagshawe

ISBN: 1874800154

Reviewed By: Dirk Lombard

Another excellent book written by Dermot Moore and Peter Bagshawe detailing the involvement of 2 Squadron SAAF in the Korean War 1950-1953.

The introduction is done by the late AVM Johnnie Johnson, showing how highly regarded the SAAF pilots were by their fellow UN comrades. This book is based on the doctoral thesis "The Role of the SAAF in the Korean War" written by Dr.Moore for his PhD degree. 

The book gives a detailed explanation of how and why the Korean War started - also of how the SA Government decided to send 2 Squadron SAAF as part of the UN Force destined for Korea.

Hardships endured during the Korean winter, dangers of flying Close Air Support (CAS) sorties in support of ground units and serving with USAF units is highly detailed. It gives the reader a real aspect of what had to be endured to free South Korea from the belligrent North Korean and Chinese forces.

At the end of the book is a very interesting addendum - stories written by SAAF Korean veterans which gives this book a high degree of realism and authenticity. Probaly one of the most amazing episodes in 2 Squadron history is told in the rescue of Vernon Kruger by Major Jan Blaauw. Blaauw was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery, crashing his Mustang near the shot-down Kruger after covering Kruger from enemy ground units.

As the saying goes: "Actions speak louder than words". Indeed, this is the case of 2 Squadron SAAF in Korea.

May the 32 Cheetah pilots KIA never be forgotten!

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