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The South African Air Force

The Poster Book

Author: Herman Potgieter

ISBN: 0 86977 371 0

Reviewed By: Dean Wingrin

This illustrated book was printed with the SAAF and general aviation enthusiast in mind. The late Herman Potgieter and his photography needs no introduction, suffice to say that no purist will be disappointed. The design of this book is in a rather unusual format, in that it has been designed so that the (matt) photographs may be easly removed to be used as posters, or even framed. 

Each major aircraft in service with the SAAF during the 1980's (including the Cheetah D2), as well as a few of the Museum aircraft, is displayed as a full page photograph. A brief text, in both English and Afrikaans, accompanies each photo and provides enough information on the background and use of the aircraft in question. 

To facilitate ease of reading for those that people (like me) who may prefer to keep the book intact, the text for a pho has been printed on the back of the previous photograph. If the text for a removed photograph needs to accompany that photo, then the publisher suggests that a photostat copy of the appropriate text be made.

320 x 245mm, 60pp, 31 colour

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