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Artisans who work on aircraft and related equipment all serve a three year apprecticeship. Most of an air force artisan's qualification will be recognised by the civil aviation industry.

Maintenance of an aircraft is done in accordance with exact standards with workmanship continually double-checked. Aircraft and components are serviced at regular intervals, based on proven safe lifetime or usage of components.

Artisans are responsible for both the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, working at Aircraft Servicing Units or squadrons. Their work also covers rebuilding of damaged aircraft, and the overhaul and rebuilding of major components.
  • Aircraft Composite Strucures Worker
  • Aircraft Electician
  • Aircraft Electroplater
  • Aircraft Instrument Mechanic
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aircraft Painter
  • Aircraft Radartrician
  • Aircraft Radiotrician
  • Aircraft Reconnaissance Electro-Mechanician
  • Aircraft Structures Worker
  • Aircraft Survival Equipment Fitter
  • Aircraft Weapons Electro-Mechanician
  • Aircraft Welder
Aircraft Composite Strucures Worker
Manufacture of plastic and fibreglass components such as flight controls, radomes and composite aircraft structural components.

Aircraft Electician
The modern aircraft is very dependant on inticate electrical circuits and units. Work done in the workshops entails stripping, cleaning, testing, repairing and overhauling all electrical aircraft equipment, such as alternators, generators, water raising apparatus, cabin temperature control and air conditioning units. On the aircraft itself, work such as testing, repairing or replacing components and rewiring is done. an interest in mathematics and physical science is needed.

Aircraft Electroplater
Protection of aircraft components against corrosion and building up of worn components.

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic
Fault finding, repair and calibration of aircraft instruments. This mustering is especially suited for someone with a liking for delicate work, neatness and accuracy.

Aircraft Mechanic
Fault finding, rectification and maintenace of aircraft structures and related components and the embodiment of modifications. Includes airframes, flying controls, undercarriage, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pressurisation and propellers. Mechanics also work on aircraft engines, in the workshops this includes stripping, inspection, balancing and assembly of the engine and components, followed by test running the engine.

Aircraft Painter
Application of protective and decorative paint and resin finishes on the aircraft, its engines and components.

Aircraft Radartrician
Radar systems are used in aircraft and on the ground. The radartrician is responsible for this equipment in the aircraft. Routine maintenance, fault diagnosis and repair.

Aircraft Radiotrician
Fault finding, reapir, overhaul and calibration of radio communication equipment, electronic instruments and control systems.

Aircraft Reconnaissance Electro-Mechanician
Preventative and corrective maintenance of air and ground photographic equipment.

Aircraft Structures Worker
Maintenance, repair, overhaul, manufacturing and modification of the aircraft structure and components.

Aircraft Survival Equipment Fitter
Maintenance, repair and testing of both aircraft and personal safety and survival equipment, whihc includes parachutes and survival clothing.

Aircraft Weapons Electro-Mechanician
More commonly referred to as an armourer, who is responsible for loading weapons onto the aircraft, the servicing and testing of aircraft machine guns and cannons. Inspection and maintenance of ejection seats are also covered.

Aircraft Welder
The aviation welder is responsible for the repairing of aircraft engine and aircraft components. The following welding processes and advanced technologies are applied: oxy-acetylene welding, shielded arc welding, plasma arc welding, resistance welding, metallurgy and heat treatment of ferrous and special aircraft alloys, plasma and metal spraying processes.